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samaj kalyan

1)To provide education for poorest children,women and elitirate older.

2) To set up small scale industries in village so that villegers may get employment.

3) To improve the condition of village women.                      
4)To work for the developement of Villagers.

5)To increase the agriculture & animal raring and to remove the prohlem regarding agriculture. 

6)To provide economical help under this poor section,helpless who scarely need economical help.          
7)To secure envoirment under this to check pollution,to make plantation and to preserve the wild life.

8) To check the labour expolaitation under this to check the child labour.        
9)To encourage the family planning in rural areas.

10) To help in functioning the government plan and to check its misuse and to help in some special cruets.

11) To provide resecue during natural ealamities or any accidental case.

12) To make attempt to remove evils prevelent in society eg. dowry,bribery,curruption castism ete.

13) To fight against the terrerism and to make people alert against terrerism.

14) To creat the communal harmony among the different community.

15) To give the importance for games under this to provide traning to the players and to encourage them.           
16)To increase the science and  technology.

17) To make attempt for the peace of the world.            
18) To check the use of toxicative material and to work for the prevention of toxicative material.

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